門馬 英美




I render landscape using silkscreen technique .The reason why I chose landscape as my theme is because I spent a long time commuting to university. That is how it all started.I used to go to high school by subway. When I went to university, I changed from the subway to the train. I remember to feel fresh surprise to see landscape passed by at a high speed.When I began commuting by train, I saw there were the bright lights coming strongly into the train and the landscape changed according to the weather and season.It was very beautiful.I had plenty of time to look out of the window and see the landscape.I could not to see anything out of the window when I travelled by subway.  It felt strange to see the landscape framed by the window.It was different from what I used to see.It looked like everything is flat. It felt close ,but actually it was far away.I became interested in the moment when perspective is ambiguous and there is no sense of distance. So I began to depict landscape.Sometimes I felt the landscape was close, but it was actually far away.I felt this is the same in many other situations. For example, in the relationship between people. Sometimes I felt my friend is close, but actually in reality she is far away.I want to depict the relationship between the things that are far away.  One can use perspective to easily depict this.I depict landscape images where one can have the sense of perspective.But I am also interested in creating images where there is no sense of perspective. (perspective cannot be sensed) For example, inside the water.This is the reason why,recently, I made prints that depict the image of landscape on water surface. The lights, shape, and color change. I depict this image as I see it from outside and as I see it from inside the water.  


Hidemi MOMMA